Fly X Gravity | 33Y

FXG 〣 33Y

Looking for a pair of sneakers that looks great and performs well at the gym? Look no further than the Fly X Gravity 33Y. FLY X GRAVITY Footwear has a single drive: to create unique footwear that seamlessly combines elements of traditional athletic and street wear culture into a durable, comfortable, and style-focused sneaker.
Fly X Gravity | Stride
Fly X Gravity | Warrior
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FLY X GRAVITY 〣 Fashion Meets Fitness

FLY X GRAVITY Footwear strives to deliver flawless products that match the complexities of the evolving market in which it operates via one-of-one designs and an acute manufacturing process. The result: a seamless product at an affordable price, suiting the quality-conscious consumer. Whether you're pushing for the last rep, gasping for the last strides, or attempting to quietly impress - FLY X GRAVITY executes, at every angle.